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08/01/2011 / thriftomancer

A Busy Weekend

Whoo… So I’m taking a short break from my quilt to do a bit of clothing repair since all of my comfiest clothes that I love (and have apparently worn) to death decided to rip massively in concert. Right now I’ve got two pairs of (very cool) pants and a gi in triage and, appropriately, am starting on the least worn pair since it’ll be the quickest fix.

There may be a post following this one with pictures and info on how to patch and reinforce clothing. Maybe.

Way more exciting than my ripped pants, this past Saturday I went to Maker Faire Detroit! This was my second time attending and it’s still one of the most awesome convention/fairs ever. If you doubt me, this is Eepybird’s massive Coke and Mentos extravaganza from last year. There will definitely be a more in-depth post coming soon, with at least a few tutorials and a lot of geeking out.

I left the Faire with my sleeve (of the ripped gi, actually) covered in ferrofluid and having seen what happens when one pours molten iron into a watermelon. How could it not be a good day when you can say that?


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