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07/27/2011 / thriftomancer

More progress and a problem

As of typing this I’ve made one third (five rows) of the grid section of this quilt, which is incredibly fast considering how much time I’ve actually put in working on it.

I started by choosing all the squares I wanted to use from the tray of 500-some I cut and laying them out on the floor. The quilt only calls for 285, so there was a good deal of whittling down the choices and swapping pieces in and out. In the end, once all the trades were complete and all was in place, I had this:

Laid out pieces

A grid of 15 by 19 squares that, once separated from each other by sashings, will make up the quilt top.  I tried to arrange it so that no two squares of the same fabric were next to each other (kitty-corner is the closest placement allowed), but so there are clear patterns in color and shape snaking throughout the grid if you look closer.

From the section I’ve slapped together this far, it looks… Well, like this:

The first third

I think it’ll work out just fine. The only issue (the eponymous problem) is with those tails of sashing at the bottom of the strip.

An error in math

It seems that my math must’ve been off somehow or perhaps my seams were a slight bit inaccurate because I have about two and a half inches of extra sashing left hanging beyond the squares. Not a huge problem, barely an annoyance, but still vexing.

Oh well, back to work!

(Also, I apologize for the lousy color quality of the last two photos. The sun went down hours ago so incandescent lighting is all I have to work with at the moment.)


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