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07/24/2011 / thriftomancer

Matters Progress Apace

A lot of work was done today. I’m a little shocked by how much, in fact.

Saturday morning I finished cutting the last of the 2″ squares and left the next step, cutting the sashings, for today.

Before I started slicing, I did a little more basic math to figure out how much length of each width strip I’d need. (2″ wide for sashings, 2.5″ for vertical borders, and 3.5″ for horizontal borders.) This is an important step because all my linen is repurposed fabric gleaned from old clothing. As such, I rarely get straight pieces of useable fabric longer than a yard. Between 24″ and 30″ is normal. That means all the long strips I might use in a design need to be pieced together from several shorter strips. In this case I needed two 56″ strips and 16 65″ ones, something I’d never get without piecing.

So I did the math and figured out what I’d need, then started cutting; measuring how much I was getting as I went and compensating for what seam allowances I would need when I started piecing the short strips together.

It took all morning and the better part of the afternoon, but in the end I had this:


That’s 270 2″x2.5″ horizontal sashing pieces, 977.5″ of 2″ vertical sashing strips, 145.5″ of 3″ vertical border strips, and 130″ of 3.5″ horizontal border strips all cut from undyed linen. They’ll all need to be sewn together and ironed again, but that shouldn’t take too long. Once it’s done I can make the final cuts for each piece and begin laying out the quilt top in earnest.

Now, since I’m curious how much I actually cut today, let’s do a quick conversion of inches to yards:

(2.5″ * 270) + 977.5″ + 145.5″ + 130″ = 1928″

1928″/12 = 160.67’/3 = 53.56 yards of linen

Yikes. That’s nearly a sixth of a mummy…  Hate to think how long it might’ve taken if I wasn’t using a rotary cutter.


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