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07/18/2011 / thriftomancer

Adventures in Organization and Literature

(It is with great sadness that I now destroy my blog’s 99.9% content-free status to bring you this:)

I recently went through my stash of linen in an attempt to weed out all the tiny scrap-bits, remnants of projects long completed, that might be hiding tucked away among the larger and more serviceable pieces in my collection. The general idea was that I’d take the bits out and use them in a scrap quilt or something of the ilk, but whatever I did would be better than having the fabric sit in those boxes, unseen and unused.

(A secondary hope was that I’d be able to whittle down the size of the stash, as it had grown from a humble assortment that barely filled two copy-paper boxes into a sprawling mess that stuffed four near to bursting.)

Stash "Before"

It took me two days of near-constant sorting to sift through all the pieces and repackage them properly, but I managed it. (And finished listening to Charles Stross’ The Atrocity Archives on audiobook. Wonderfully creepy book. Think spy novel meets Lovecraftian horror with computers while fighting occult Nazis in space. Totally recommend it.)

This here should give you an idea of the sheer volume of fabric that I pulled out of the boxes.

Stash "After"

The fact that I could cut down nigh a whole box makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. A little disturbed, but mostly fuzzy.

Everything that didn’t go back into the boxes was sorted into four categories:

1) Useful bits – Still little, but big enough to make a 3″ or 2″ square of.

Useable Bits

2) Hex bits – Too small to make 2″ squares from, but big enough to make small hexagons for paper piecing.

3) Stringy bits – Long, stringy strips that will be more useful kept long and stringy than cut into squares or the like.

Stringy Bits

4) Stuffing-to-be – These were the pieces deemed too tiny or scraggly to really be used for anything save stuffing plushies. Or mayhap composting.

As part of the repackaging process all the Class 3 Stringy Bits were rolled up and put into a food bag for storage, the hex bits went into half-quart Ziplock bags (with the air crushed out to save space), and the stuffing-to-be was… I think it’s in a bag. Somewhere.

The Class 1 Useful Bits are currently on my desk/temporary cutting station awaiting the time when I’ll slice them to 3″ and 2″ squares. I’ve spent a few days working to that end already (Listening to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods over the time. Also awesome, also recommended highly. Just bone up on your folklore a little ere you start. It’s not necessary, but you’ll likely enjoy the tale more if you do.) and have accumulated a sizable pile of a hundred or so 3″ squares and 542 2″ squares.

A pan o' 2" squares

Yes, 542. I counted.

Anyway, they’ll be used for something sooner or later. Haven’t decided what or how beyond “a quilt” yet and there are so many options with that. Final decisions can wait until after I finish slicing up the red, orange, yellow, and green useful bits though. By then I’ll likely have more of a clue how to proceed.

(The moral of this story is that organizing your materials will always be far more involved a task than you expect so don’t bother.)


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